Mindfulness is the ability to intentionally focus your attention in the present moment, with curiosity and interest.

When you do this, you can become more aware of your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations as they are happening, without being swept away by them.

Mindfulness training is brain training. By practicing, you begin to notice when your mind has wandered, you can let go of distractions more easily, and you can refocus on what is important in the moment. In short, you become more mentally and emotionally fit.

Some people describe mindfulness as truly living life instead of operating on autopilot, worrying about the future, or reliving the past. When we are mindful, we are aware and clear about what is happening now. We can make better choices today, which increases the likelihood of a happier tomorrow.

World-class instructors offer live classes with new topics every day

Mindful Eating Conventional approaches to weight loss include exercise and diet management, yet research consistently shows people who are capable of losing weight don't keep it off. This is partly because eating has become a way of habitually coping with stress, difficult emotions and boredom. Bringing mindfulness to eating will help you enjoy food in ways you may have never experienced before, and help improve your weight balance.
Stress Reduction Stress negatively impacts health and makes us less resilient. Mindfulness has been shown to have a positive impact on a range of physiological processes, including lowering blood pressure, reversing metabolic syndrome and reducing unintended emotional, reactionary responses.
The Masters Series Practice with some of the luminaries and notable names in mindfulness in intimate sessions with a limited number of live participants.
Mindful Daily Live sessions every day of the week, multiple times per day always with a new topic of how to apply mindfulness skills into your daily life.

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Be your best self

Being mindful gives me that 2 seconds of grace so I can choose NOT to act out of habit--- and instead, NOT yell at my kids, and NOT eat that extra slice of cake.
Mindfulness helps me let go of anger, confusion and heartache. That's just the past 3 months.
Mindfulness helps me realize that it can be a friendly neighborhood inside of me. By stepping back behind my waterfall of thoughts, feeling, and sensations. That not all my thoughts are true. And my feelings are to be honored.